About Us

The Farsi/Dari Alphabets Write and Wipe book is an initiative of an Afghan mother with two kids. Raising kids in the West makes it challenging for parents to keep the native language alive. When I first wanted to teach my kids (4 & 3 years old now) Farsi, I had a hard time finding the right educational materials for them. Kids learn better and faster when the educational materials are fun, interactive, and engaging. My kids would happily listen to me when I would read them books in English or do English alphabets writing activities with them. Their enthusiasm in learning inspired me to create a children’s book for Farsi alphabets.

Our Write and Wipe book is the world’s FIRST dry-erase book for Farsi alphabets. It comes with a black dry-erase marker and helps your kids learn Farsi alphabets and basic Farsi words. The illustrations in the book are copyrighted and designed by Effat Hussaini, an Afghan woman graphic designer in Afghanistan.

By purchasing our book, you are contributing to our cause of keeping our native language alive.

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