About Us

Introducing the Farsi/Dari Alphabets Write and Wipe Book, a heartfelt initiative by a dedicated Afghan mother raising two kids in the West. We understand the challenges faced by parents in preserving their native language while nurturing their children in a foreign environment. When I embarked on the journey to teach my own kids Farsi, aged 4 and 3, I struggled to find suitable educational resources. I realized that children thrive and learn best when engaged in interactive and enjoyable educational activities. Witnessing my children’s eagerness to learn, I was inspired to create a captivating Farsi alphabets book designed specifically for children.

Our Write and Wipe book is truly innovative—it is the world’s FIRST dry-erase book for learning Farsi alphabets. This unique product includes a black dry-erase marker, enabling your children to explore Farsi alphabets and basic words in an interactive manner. The book’s captivating illustrations have been skillfully crafted and copyrighted by Effat Hussaini, a talented Afghan woman graphic designer based in Afghanistan.

By purchasing our book, you actively contribute to the preservation of our native language. Together, we can ensure that Farsi/Dari continues to thrive in the hearts and minds of future generations.

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